Key Elements of Injection Molding Process--Temperature

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How to inject good quality product with injection machines? Deflecto Displays would like to share with you one of key elements--Temperature:

--Oil temperature 
Since injection machine works nonstop, hydraulic oil in injection machine is heat by friction pressure movement, and hydraulic oil is controlled by cooling water, at the beginning operation, the oil temperature is at about 45 ℃, the viscosity of the oil is stable, the injection pressure is also stable. When the oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is large, will cause the injection pressure loss is big. When the oil temperature is too high, will cause oil leakage, and affect the stress transfer.

--Material temperature 
This is relevant to screw cylinder temperature, the temperature is setup based on the shape and function of materials and products. If there is a guideline documentation, then follow it set the temperature, if there is any injection molding process card, just follow the process card to set the temperature.

--Mould temperature 
Mold temperature is an important parameter, it has great influence on the performance for the product. This is monitored based on different product function and product structure, considering the material and product cycle as well.

To be continue with second elements……

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